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2015 – variable with a hint of nuts

What a year… I mean really… What a year!

There hasn’t been anything that has happened this year that I really expected, or planned to happen when I was thinking about what 2015 was going to hold in store. It has been a year of epic changes in life and circumstances. They’ve been almost entirely self instigated, and generally speaking I didn’t really consider the consequences of the decisions and actions I have made in advance which may in hindsight have been a mistake but that is what happens sometimes I guess.

Looking briefly ahead it seems as though 2016 may have to be a more responsible and considered year, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be lots of adventures and good times so I think I will be able to manage this. I certainly hope I will be able to.

So onto the potted summary of 2015…

To make it easier I have added a favourite photo (not the best but my favourite) from each month, and have linked each photo to a blog post I didn’t dislike.

January to March

I pretended to have a normal life, with a job, a house, a girlfriend and very occasionally a social life.

I went for some rides, a few short walks, snorkeled and did quite a few canyons. Oh and I went to Fiji!


January – a very wet walk on Middle Head

Canyoning can be so much hard work, especially waiting around while people try to repair their lilos.


March – Fiji and cyclones

 April to May

I stopped pretending to have a normal life, planned to go on an adventure and spent a fair bit of time in Western Australia.


April – WA beaches and hanging out at wind farms

2015-04-18 15.45.31

May – Kalbarri and then packing

 June to October

I was silly. I had an amazing time. Rode about 4,500kms through ten countries. I learnt a stupid amount about myself, and had a whole lot of time to think and realised that in many ways that normal life thing I’d had before wasn’t so bad and I wanted to go back. Then I got cold and came home!


June – I camped in a castle!


July – Scotland and its Isles


August – Iceland and Greenland! SO SO SO stupendously cool!


September – Wales, England and more


January – a very wet walk on Middle Head

 November and December

I started trying to find a job and get back into normal life. A few distractions occurred, like a trip to Victoria and such, but you know life isn’t all about being sensible ever when reality suggests it should be a pretty string focus for the next little while.


November – Wilsons Prom and other adventures while adapting to the real world!


December – The Snowy Mountains walks and job hunting

Thanks for checking in, and I look forward to sharing more adventures with you in 2016!

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