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Kalbarri National Park

Two hours north of Geraldton in Western Australia is the spectacular Kalbarri National Park. Stretching from the coast about 50km inland the park encompasses a pretty amazing range of ecosystems from the inland reach that really made me feel as though I was back in Alice Springs with bush tomatos and low scrub the most noticable species (except for a small native pine which I’ll have to read up on). The coastline is stark and dramatic with cliffs and sea stacks that could rival the Great Ocean Road down in Victoria.

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  1. Kalbarri National Park looks fabulous! A combination of coastline and inland rocky and arid scenery really appeals to me. I’ve enjoyed living in the red soil areas of the outback and also by the coast. Very appealing pics. I love how blue the skies are out there away from the smog. I bet the night skies would have been fantastic.

  2. The night skies were spectacular, definitely the sort of place where it is worth sleeping in a swag so you can enjoy the view (with a mozzie net).

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