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Kangaroo Valley Canoeing (Tallowa Dam)

Last week a friend and I decided to head out to Tallowa Dam for a five day canoe trip, with two nights spent on the Shoalhaven River and two nights in the Kangaroo River. We were so impressed and how accessible and beautiful this trip is. We met dozens of people who’d hired boats from one of the local kayak hire companies and were having a great time.

We had a fairly relaxed start to the day, meeting at 9am in Canberra and then picking up the canoe. We didn’t actually hit the water at Tallowa Dam until 2pm by the time we mucked around with re-tying the canoe, looking at all the water in Lake George (Weereewa) instead of focusing on getting to Lake Yarunga (the lake formed by Tallowa Dam).

Starting late did have an advantage, we had a pleasant sea breeze pushing us along towards the campsite all afternoon which definitely make the 14km we needed to do that afternoon easier.

And basically that’s the story of the trip, we camped, canoed, swam and explored a little making a few friends along the way.

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