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Jagungal with Lara

Last week I headed back out to Jagungal for a very cruisey hike with Lara, a friend who requested a cruisy hike and this definitely delivered. We followed the classical Round Mountain to Jagungal loop that I have done before, but this time we swapped the direction and boy did it make a difference. Doing the flat cruise into Dershkos But from Round Mountain on the flat day, instead of […]

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Jagungal Wilderness from Gungarlin

Last week I joined a group of six walkers to head up into the Jagungal Wilderness area from the east. I had never realised there was an access route up from the east, and whether it is a “route” is possibly up for debate, but we followed the description from Greg’s Walk Blog and spent four fantastic days exploring a little visited area and some fantastic old huts. For our […]

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Rumble in the Jagungal #2

Over the Easter weekend I joined my friends Chris (from canyoning adventures) and Ollie (from my ride across Wales) on a bikepacking adventure through the Jagungal Wilderness. The ride was organised through Omafiets bikeshop which they happen to run, and is one of their 2018 Shop Rides which is an awesome initiative. As it was the second year the ride has been run it was called the Rumble in the […]

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