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New South Wales

Jagungal with Lara

Last week I headed back out to Jagungal for a very cruisey hike with Lara, a friend who requested a cruisy hike and this definitely delivered. We followed the classical Round Mountain to Jagungal loop that I have done before, but this time we swapped the direction and boy did it make a difference. Doing the flat cruise into Dershkos But from Round Mountain on the flat day, instead of […]

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Kangaroo Valley Canoeing (Tallowa Dam)

Last week a friend and I decided to head out to Tallowa Dam for a five day canoe trip, with two nights spent on the Shoalhaven River and two nights in the Kangaroo River. We were so impressed and how accessible and beautiful this trip is. We met dozens of people who’d hired boats from one of the local kayak hire companies and were having a great time. We had […]

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Jagungal Wilderness from Gungarlin

Last week I joined a group of six walkers to head up into the Jagungal Wilderness area from the east. I had never realised there was an access route up from the east, and whether it is a “route” is possibly up for debate, but we followed the description from Greg’s Walk Blog and spent four fantastic days exploring a little visited area and some fantastic old huts. For our […]

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Canoeing the Murrumbidgee pt 1

On the October long weekend in 2020 the COVID situation seemed just calm enough to squeeze a three day canoe trip along the Murrumbidgee into a rather busy and uncertain time. As my first proper trip away post baby I was keen to do something that wasn’t all that remote, so that if needed I could get out to a road and back to my new little family easily. A […]

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The Rolling Grounds

In March, just before COVID-19 lockdowns started, I managed to run away for a two night hike in Kosciuszko National Park. I had always wanted to get up onto the Rolling Grounds so that was the goal. The Rolling Grounds are an area of high alpine meadows, linking peaks and ridgelines high up at the top of Australia, so are absolutely spectacular once you get there. The trouble though is […]

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Alpholation Running

COVID-19, Social Distancing, Lockdown – all words I had never heard of or thought would apply to me before this year. Now, like so many others, I am trying to find ways to keep fit and stay sane in a very different world to what I knew. So, with a little inspiration from my friend SmilingLeaf and some of Alistair Humphrey’s newsletters, I have decided to run every street in […]

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Day walk – Schlink Hut

Friends and I had planned to hike up in the Barrington Tops National Park this summer and maybe fit in a canyon as well. It is a trip we have been claiming we plan to do for years really, ever since a mate moved to Newcastle, but somehow it has never quite happened. This year fires and park closures gave us yet another reason why the trip wouldn’t go. As […]

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