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Fiji’s Yasawa Islands

So we’ve just spent an exciting week and a bit in Fiji where we’ve had the opportunity. To snorkel, sleep, hang out in hammocks, get to know the locals while waiting out a cyclone.

The plan was hatched less than two weeks ago, and thursday last week saw us booking a travel package through Awesome Adventures, a Fijian tour organiser who seem to have a bit of a monopoly on the Yasawa Islands that were to be our destination. The next day we were on a plane to Fiji and I can honestly say we had no idea what we were in for during the trip.

As it turned out what we could expect was sheer bloody luxury, with Mantaray Resort and Barefoot Resorts both offering the kind of accomodation that you see in brochures but assume doesn’t actually exist. To top it off each of those resorts had spectacular snorkeling opportunities with multiple reefs to snorkel and crystal clear waters.

Among the numerous sea creatures we’ve seen we can mention a few highlights that included sharks, sea horses, sting rays, cuttlefish, sea snakes and oh so many types of fishes. I took a good hour of video so keep an eye out for coming posts.

The highlight of the trip though has to have been Safe Landings resort. My initial feelings about the place were that it was a little daggy as the accomodation is pretty basic compared the the other resorts, and the generator doesn’t run at night so there are no fans to keep you cool during the hot tropical wet seasons nights! That said though, the people have been absolutely amazing. As we arrived at the resort it was announced that the boat back to the main land wouldn’t be running for a few days due to the cyclone that very very slow cut a swathe through the ocean in between Fiji and Vanuatu.  For us this meant no boats or seaplanes as the seas were way too rough, and that we’ve spent 4 nights chilling out here with ran and coolish breezes instead of the two nights we’d planned.
We’ve been incredibly luck to have been stuck with some absolutely people from around the world to keep us company. From coconut bowling to hiking to volleyball to snorkeling to village visits to rea and cake with the locals each afternoon we’ve been kept busy despite the winds and rough seas putting a stop to some other adventures.






If you’d like to check out some videos of our snorkelling adventures have a look at my Mantaray Island post, or use the navigation menu at the top of the page.

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