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Day walk – Schlink Hut

Friends and I had planned to hike up in the Barrington Tops National Park this summer and maybe fit in a canyon as well. It is a trip we have been claiming we plan to do for years really, ever since a mate moved to Newcastle, but somehow it has never quite happened. This year fires and park closures gave us yet another reason why the trip wouldn’t go.

As a fall back plan Mikey and I headed up to Kosciuszko National Park for a few days camping at Island Bend and some small adventures. Aside from a heap of swimming out main idea was to walk from Guthega Power Station up towards Valentines Hut. We did a naughty thing and didn’t research at all, or carry maps, but with a single fire trail to follow and a GPS we figured we’d be okay.

As it turns out it is further to Valentines Hut than I had realised, so we only made it to Schlink Hut with quick stops at Horse Gully Hut and White River Hut along the way.

It was still a spectacular 25km walk out and back with great views. Best of all we were mostly up above the smoke from all the bushfires!

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