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The Rolling Grounds

In March, just before COVID-19 lockdowns started, I managed to run away for a two night hike in Kosciuszko National Park. I had always wanted to get up onto the Rolling Grounds so that was the goal.

The Rolling Grounds are an area of high alpine meadows, linking peaks and ridgelines high up at the top of Australia, so are absolutely spectacular once you get there.

The trouble though is getting up – I started super late as I always do and it was dark before I even got out of the car! I walked up to Horse Gully Hut in the dark using my new headtorch which worked a treat, I even had an owl come and check me out. I assume it thought I was crazy.

In the morning it was a frosty start, but I was stupidly hot once I started heading up onto the Rolling Grounds. There are easy ways up, but I was impatient to get up there so took the direct route. The climb was worth it though – getting up there the views were simply spectacular!

That night I ended at Valentines Hut and managed to meet a great big group at a birthday party who were kind enough to let me join the party and pretend I understood their jokes.

On Sunday I power walked back to the car as I had a dinner plans, and got home to discover that the country was about to go into lockdown for COVID-19. So glad I got out when I did!

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