Guest Post – Glyn’s South Coast Adventure

This guest post, possibly the first in a series, comes from Glyn the bike packer. Now most bike packers seem to be a little on the crazy, but Glyn’s adventure seems to be positively enjoyable, and I can’t wait to try out his route myself when time permits.

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European Bikepacking Routes

People really have to stop finding ways to inspire me!

gypsy by trade

Bicycle Times Bikepacking Europe1 28Luxembourg, GR5/E2 trail

Two years ago I wondered about bikepacking routes in Europe.  After eight months of riding, researching, and blogging from Amsterdam to Sevastapol to Athens, this resource is the culmination of our efforts.  Europe is a great place to explore by bike, off-pavement, and self-supported.  Eat great food, visit fascinating cultural and historical places, and learn new languages, in between bike rides.  In Europe, there are rides and routes for every interest and skill level.  Use the search function or the archives on this page to learn more about our rides in Europe through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and Greece.

This is an incomplete list of European bikepacking routes.  These routes are either mapped, signed, and/or available as GPS tracks.  Many routes originate as self-supported off-pavement endurance races, multi-day stage races, or challenging routes for solo ITT.  Some are government tourism projects.  Others are the creation…

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Surly ECR XXL four months on – Evading Clichéd Rides?

The Northern Walker has basically written my summary of the Surly ECR for me, sure mine is a smaller frame and an 11 speed hub but all in all the bike is amazing. Just plain and simple and amazing and oh so very fun!

Northern Walker

I’ve had my mahoosive Surly ECR since March.

In that time, it’s been on numerous trips over the trails near home, took part in a celebratory ride for the bike shop that assembled it (and was greeted with nod of approval from the Surly dudes), lugged bikepacking gear on an epic trip from Settle to home along the Pennine Bridleway and ferried me out for coffee on a hill when I just couldn’t take it any more.

Surly ECR in the Pennines A sunny day on the trails. An ECR day.

It has a name – Ernie. My other half, who is barely 5ft tall and dwarfed by this monster bike, feels the moniker fits: ‘It’s just an Ernie… what else would he be called?’

You might already detect that I’m already rather fond of it (given that I don’t really think of it as a machine any more). It is, to paraphrase the Surly blurb…

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Places I’d rather be….

enjoy the journey

Early spring riding in Alaska’s rugged Chugach Mountains on a fat bike uncover the “alien icescapes of Knik Glacier” east of Anchorage. Second place winner by Anna Edmonds.

2_Anna_Edmonds_1 The complete list of the 5th Annual Photo Contest Winners | Adventure Cycling Association.

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Temora aviation museum

So it turns out I come from a family of bloggers. My parents put this post up today of their adventures over the weekend with my cousins! Go Mum and Dad for sharing your adventures with the world!


Our niece and her family invited us to join them at a flying day at Temora – being adventurous and glad to spend time with them (as well as give the bus a run), we jumped at the opportunity. My Dad also loved Temora from his commercial travelling days, so not actually having been there previously, I was looking forward to checking out the joint.

On the way there we were overwhelmed by how much we love the Australian countryside in all her moods and hues. Temora is 402 km from Ermington according to google maps ( bit further with the usual detours). So Hume Highway to Goulbourn, then Yass, then turn right onto Burley Griffin Way to Harden and Temora. Big day’s drive through the Southern Highlands, then into limestone hills, granite outcrop pasture lands and getting pretty close to the plains. This week everything was so green (in…

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