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Mont 24hr 2014- but not the race

I was lucky enough to have an hour or two spare yesterday afternoon while in bungendore so I hit up the trails for this years Mont 24hr race on my ecr. The trails are great with an awesome mix of smooth flowy trails (good on a rigid semi-fat) and a few slightly rocky sections through the native forests which were a little jarring when taken at speed.

Eitherway the tracks are awesome and well chosen. As unfit as I am there was never too much up to tire me out beyond being able to ride, there is plenty of room to pass which will be great for those riding.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the news yet – it has been raining a lot and there is every chance what looked like dry mud is now deep mud ready to mess up and chainbit finds. Single speed drive chains and fat tyres would be great.

Anyway I won’t be riding the trails during the race but good luck and safe riding to everyone who is.



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