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Kangaroo Island Day 3: Vivonne Bay and Kelly Hill Caves

Well today I got up early. I mean I was up at 7 and was riding by 8:30. For anyone who knows me this is the moment to be suitably impressed!

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 2.10.36 PM

The first part of the day was highly uneventful. The strong winds over night had died down and it was a pleasant ride down to Vivonne Bay where I stopped to get any supplies I could find and some post cards. I ended up coming out with three post cards and a packet of shapes, so beware anyone planning a ride around KI, don’ rely on Vivonne General Store for a large range of supplies.

Moving on I took a left past the bridge and down towards the jetty and point of Vivonne Bay. The white limestone road was nearly intolerable but the view at the Bay was worth it as the rock platform, jetty and large wind driven waves made for an awesome site. I had imagined it as a very different based on a claim by Sydney Uni Researchers that it was Australia’s Best Beach, but I will have to wait to visit on a sunny day before judging.


After a cup of much needed tea I rode up to Kelly Hill Caves for lunch and a tour of the caves. The caves are interesting because they are formed out of calcified sand dunes rather than ex-coral reef, and I would highly recommend a stop for lunch and going on the walks around the area. The tour itself was a little lack-lustre, but the caves are interesting and the pure white shawls are worth a look.

The final stretch of the day was to West Kangaroo Island Caravan Park. This had to be the easiest section of riding of the trip, with very few hills and nice scenery to keep me interested.  Along the side of the road were little Tammar Wallabies that scampered into the bushes, Cape Barren Geese and every now and then the calls of yellow tail black cockatoos.

West KI Caravan Park itself is quite nice, with great facilities, so it was a pleasant evening.

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