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Barrenjoey Beach Trip

So I am four weeks into my relocation back to Sydney and today I completed one of the most important re-introduction activities there is on returning to this fair city. I got in the car and drove the hour or so from the city up to Barrenjoey where the sun shines, the waves roll (you) and there are lots of people willing to sell you fish and chips.

Joining me in my adventure was Scott, a colleague from my new job, who provided interesting conversation during the trip. Of particular interest were his observations in the differences between Australian and American speech patterns. As he has been here for the past two months he has had a chance to come to terms with many of the slightly unusual terms we use, as well as the tendency to omit vowels from our speech. What surprised me is that the one word which stumped him was “arvo”. Anyway in between swimming in the surf and eating fish and chips I took some photos.


20140330_141756 20140330_141818

20140330_162621 20140330_162639

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