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Brisbane Adventures #2

So I’ve now been in Brissie for a week and having been thoroughly impressed by what I’ve seen so far I thought I would share some of my favourite discoveries.

1) Brisbane Cycle Ways – The Brissie cycle way network is simply just amazing. Of the 40 kilometres I rode  yesterday 30 would have been on cycleways and 1o on dedicated cycleways. I will take a picture when it isn’t raining but what amazes me most is how clearly marked bicycle and pedestrian areas are (green and blue respectively). The one thing Brissie doesn’t do is sign post how to get places, which is partly made up for by signs stating the easiest way through difficult intersections.


Brisbane Bicentennial Bikeway

2) Gap Creek Track association – Yesterday I went and spent the morning building mountain bike trails with the GCTA in mountains behind Mt Coo-tha. This little organisation is made up of dedicated mountain bikers which take one day a month to build and maintain a series of great looking trails. I am particular impressed by the way they work with the local council and community to build trails and features of use to general public. The best part is a skills area in the grass picnic area for people to teach their kids how to do log role overs etc.

Photo of me at the GCTA trail care day - April 2012

3) Making cookies – unrelated to cycling in any way is the fact that I made cookies for the first time on Friday. Pretty exciting really, they were white-chocolate and obviously dairy free.

Anyway that is a bit of a run down on progress. I really am going to start taking photos to make these posts more interesting! To prove the point here is a photo of the view from our deck the other afternoon!

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  1. Mmmmm…sounds delish paddy! And that view is lovely 🙂

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