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Brissie Ride 1

Day four in Brissie and we went for our first ride today. We hadn’t planned all that much except that we had to be back by 10:30am and wanted to go across some bridges. Setting out early I was amazed to find that we were able to ride everywhere on bike paths, they seem to cover the vast majority of the city, including what I would call the outer suburbs.

The ride we chose was pretty nice and relaxed, we didn’t push it at all but we did discover that we are both slightly out of shape. One particular hill was seriously tough, next time I will take a camera and you’ll understand that we weren’t just being soft. Anyway after climbing this hill we “explored” a little, which ended up with us walking and carrying our bikes down the side of the big hill we had ridden up. The rest of the ride was great but uneventful.

The 37km ride went along bike paths the roughly match the map below.

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