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Crash Hazard Ahead

I like this system, I think it may get adopted on future trips of our own!

“Remember to keep the road under you and the sky above you and everything will be fine” – Tim Sindle

It has been brought to our attention that Christian and I do not have a working definition of what exactly a ‘crash’ is. I swear he stacked it the other day, but he maintains he just ‘came off’. Pfft.

So we’ve had to clarify the meaning of ‘stacked’ and ‘came off’ to avoid any further disagreements. For the sake of competitiveness and entertainment we’ve also allocated point values for various mishandlings, to be tallied throughout the remainder of the trip.

‘Stacked it’ a.k.a. crashed: to qualify for a proper stack one’s torso must be on the ground. 3 points.

Come off’: a minor mishandling of the bicycle that results in coming to an abrupt halt, the bicycle not completely upright and at least one foot on the ground…

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