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Single Track Mind- Round 1

I’m slow.

Just thought I would start this post by sharing my most profound realisation of the amazing weekend I have spent in Kirrawak State Forest riding in the first round of the Chocolate Foot Single Track Mind Series for 2014.

Now before you think I am going to be disappointed by being slow, or some other such emotion (bahh boring!) it was the best weekend I have had in ages! The trails were unspeakably awesome, the people on the track all lovely and courteous while waiting for the slow people like me to get out of the way, and really it was just great.

Like all good weekends away mine started off with last minute packing which was closely followed by breakfast and coffee with Tim (my travel buddy for the weekend) and Ez. After some packing magic had two bikes, and a whole lot of gear stuffed into the back of the car and were on our way to Taree. Now I always think Taree is a long way away, probably a flash back to riding in the back of a troopy towing a trailer as a kid – however the drive is quick and easy aside from the pesky 100km/hr zones.

Arriving at the event site we checked in, received our chocolate feet (I am serious they  give you a chocolate in the shape of a foot at check -in. I never want to receive one with sprinkles on it) and set about checking out the tracks. I was expecting roots, and branches and all sorts of fun obsticles given the rather eucalypty nature of the forest we were in but the local MTB club had completed the mammoth task of removing every leaf and twig from the track and the trail was more groomed than I had ever imagines possible. Even better the track was essentially free of hills which is always a splendid thing.

So a shake down ride,some slack-lining and fish and chips saw us tired and weary and ready for the race the next day.


Race day came with my usual level of organisation. After breakfast we wandered down to check out how things were going at the event site knowing we had heaps of time to spare. Confident of the amount of time we had we ordered coffees and waited, and waited, and waited. I knew I wasn’t going to be even starting the race without caffine so I waited in line while Tim prepared himself. With 8 minutes to spare I was at tent, coffee in hand, beginning to prepare for the race. I made the race briefing, but then realised I was still wearing my normal glasses!

So anyway, I joined the race start line, sat up the back and rode along with the crew until I arrived near the start of the single track. Much to the amazement of those looking on I ducked off to the tent, retrieved my sunnys and politely waited until all the real riders had started while continuing to consume my coffee. I won’t go into detail, but the rest of my race continued in much the same manner with multiple stops food, general chatting and such good things. Needless to say I didn’t win, but I also didn’t come last – second last to be precise. That said I had amazing ride, chatted to some most excellent people who I was chilling with, and rode some amazing new trails!



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