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SBW Abseil and Explorer Days

I’ve recently started getting involved with the Sydney Bush Walkers group as a way to extend my adventures in and around Sydney. SBW as it shall hereafter be referred to is quite an amazing club for the diversity of its membership, and the openness it appears to have regarding its experience. I haven’t been to many things yet other than a few social nights and the two single day activities listed below, but everyone has been extremely welcoming and willing to share their experiences. So for anyone wishing to get involved in outdoors adventures look up the website, alternatively just read the following….

Abseil Beginners Day

I am not a beginner when it comes to abseiling, or other rock sports for that matter, but I went along to the SBW introduction to abseil day a week or so ago to check it out and spend some time on ropes after a fairly long period of boring-ness.

The course was excellently run, though why they encourage people to use figure-8 descenders I still can’t fathom. Anyway it was great to watch the way the instructor (Tom) and the co-awesome people who helped (Terry and Sue) introduced everyone progressively and safely without getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty detail or scaring anyone. As it turned out I did remember what to do, could play around enough to readjust to using a rap rack etc. Happy days!

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Garigal National Park Exploration

Today’s adventure was all together different. As part of qualifying to become a full member of SBW you have to do a certain number of walks consisting of off track walking. Today I joined an “exploration walk” which was planned as follows. Pick a national park, pick a car park, find a point on the other side of the park, get there via the wettest least direct path possible.

Now Garigal National Park is a coastal national park not far from the beach, and is the kind of place that experience lots of weather including wind and rain, so the natural environment includes a lot of water down low, and tough wind swept scrub up high. Basically it was a most excellent day, that involved getting mud, leeches, scratches and all things good.

A big thank you to Shahram for being our intrepid leader and navigator! I look forward to many more walks exploring, ambling and squelching through national parks!

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  1. Welcome to the club! Hey, when you’re a full member, it would be great to have some cycling trips on the program… Hint hint.

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