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New Zealand North Island


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our photo collection from the North Island of New Zealand. Over the two and a half weeks we were in NZ we took about 1700 photos so you’ll only be getting a snap shot of the trip, but I’ve picked out some of the good ones for a little selection of highlights. There are so many more, some of them even good, but here are some favourites.

For anyone who likes words as well as photos the itinerary for our trip was roughly as follows:

  1. Auckland and Mt Eden
  2. Waitomo Caves
  3. Waitomo and drive to Taupo
  4. Taupo, kayaking and fairy garden then drive to Rotorua
  5. Rafting and louge in Rotorua
  6. Geyser, hot springs, Cultural show
  7. Drive to Bay of Islands
  8. Dolphin watching tour
  9. Drive back to Auckland

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4 replies

  1. There’s very little about NZ I don’t like, and there’s much to love.
    Great pics! You’re certainly better than I am at choosing just a few from a lot!
    More coming? : )

    • It is great isn’t it. Oh there are definitely more photos to come. Between my partner and I we took about 1500 photos so don’t worry.
      For a useful tip on how to pick photos do what I do. Upload everything through your phone data.

  2. Ha! Good tip but not a chance I’ll be doing that! ; )


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