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Brisbane to Adelaide – maybe with Friends?

So as you know I don’t currently have a job I’ve had the realisation that I can apply for jobs from any computer anywhere I am. So I started thinking…

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

The idea I have had is to ride from Brisbane to Adelaide over a period of 2 -3 months, and to meet up with people along the way and if possible have them join in for a few days.

The route I am considering includes so really exciting and iconic locations such as:

  • Waa Gorge
  • Mt Kaputar
  • The Warrumbungles
  • Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve
  • Goobang National Park
  • Parkes Radio Telescope
  • Lake Cargelligo
  • Hillston (where my friend Gregor lives)
  • Balranald
  • Mallee Cliffs National Park
  • Mungo National Park (possibly)
  • Mildura
  • The Murray River to the mouth
  • Victor Harbour
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Adelaide

I am really looking forward to the ride, and would be happy for people to join me for as much or as little of the ride as they like. Even drop in if you are in the area.

I will keep everyone up to date when I am leaving and where I am. Post a comment or send me an email if you are interested in coming along and I will leave you with this thought…

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