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South East Brisbane Bikeways

Today I set out with the aim of exploring several of south east Brisbane’s major bike ways, in particular the SE Freeway Bike Way and the Bulimba Creek Cycleway. These two cycle ways let me ride about 35km with only short sections of back street to link them up. All in all it was a successful little exploration.

Along the way there were a number of interesting occurances that I wouldn’t have expected on such a suburban adventure.

  • Firstly I had to ride over flooded sections of track. They weren’t significantly flooded by any means, but enough that I thought it best to raise my feet from the pedals to avoid getting too wet.
  • I saw a snake, on a path in Brisbane. It was only a little fella, but it was brown and once I had swerved to avoid hitting it I had no interest in investigating further!

Anyway, below are some pictures of the very scenic ride!

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