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Death of a Paper Boat

Today a valiant paper boat met a cruel fate under the watchful eyes (and camera) of its maker.

In a departure from our normal cycling adventures we spent today fulfilling one of our other pressing social outings, namely Explore a Suburb Day. For those of you who don’t know Explore a Suburb Day (ESD) is a social institution where one makes their way to a suburb that they’ve never visited before, drinks coffee, eats yummy food then wanders around aimlessly.

Today’s suburb as Ashgrove which is about 8km north-west of the Brisbane CBD. Following a highly successful stage one (which involved hamburgers and lime milkshakes) we started walking down hill hoping to find a creek with a walking track to follow. The creek having been located successfully we found a bridge over the fast flowing water, after watching leaves, twigs and branches float past the topic of paper boats inevitably arose and ¬†Clare suggested that I wouldn’t be able to make a boat out of newspaper and float it down the creek. How wrong she was.

The newspaper boat made a swift start down the creek, narrowly avoiding the banks, submerged obstacles and marauding ducks only to meet an untimely end at a weir.

Seaworthy wasn't a term that came to mind. Neither of us thought it would make it to the bend in the creek.

The paper boat at the beginning of its arduous journey.

The nimble boat narrowly avoids a treacherous area of submerged branches.

I admit, it does look a little sodden.

The boat approaching the end of its short life.

And then the little boat met its sad fate  running off the edge of a weir.

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  1. I smiled at the prospect of ducks with wee little viking helmets on

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