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Koh Samui (Thailand) for a week

We are officially on our way to the UK!!!

We had planned to stop through Sri Lanka to see some friends on our way, but with the current travel status and curfews the friends suggested we’d be better off going somewhere else. So two weeks out we googled direct flights to affordable resorty places and ended up in Koh Samui.

The island is very much a resort place, with guest houses and hotels lining every road, especially along the coast. To be fair there isn’t much but coast so most roads really. The place we stayed had private pools which was awesome, but it seems that even though it is a tropical island Koh Samui doesn’t have the best beaches. Certainly nothing compared to Australia!

We spent our 5 nights chilling and went on adventures during the day. After the rush to pack, replan etc we certainly spent a lot of time sleeping.

Highlights of the trip including going out to Anthong National Marine Park which was an one and a half boat ride across to an archipelago of 42 tropical limestone islands. We kayaked over the coral reefs and under the limestone cliffs, explored and island with a salt water lagoon in the middle, and climbed up to an amazing view point!

We also did a cool little tour of the island which was a bit less amazing, but gave us a chance to see the temples and waterfalls etc. This included the grandfather and grandmother rocks which are named for their anatomical likeness to, well, things.

We are now back in Singapore with about 12hours until our flight to London. It just feels a little crazy knowing we will have been in three countries in 48 hours!

Hotel and general photos

Anthong Islands photos

Island Tour Photos

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