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CBR Bike Campout

Last weekend I joined the CBR Bike Campout to the Cotter Campground. A new event run by Tyla and Aston to help introduce people to the joys of cycle touring and overnight trips.

My trip started with a poster on a street sign. I don’t think I have ever responded to a poster sticky taped anywhere before, but wanting an adventure post wedding this seemed like the perfect, zero effort trip.

The plan was simple. Meet at 2pm, ride out, have a great time, ride home. A nice little sub-24hr adventure starting from the heart of Canberra.

The ride inspired a heap of people to come and join. There were a few people who’d never done an overnight ride before (one of them riding with a hiking pack) and a few who made me feel like a novice. But that amazing thing about the ride was that everyone was welcome. There was no bravado, or daft things I have had before, it was just a bunch of fun people out for a ride.

Genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough!

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