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How did I end up in Greenland?

Well it is ten days since I put up my post explaining how all plans had fallen to pieces and my bike was not far from doing so either.

In that time things have happened. Lots of things. Amazing things. Amazing things facilitated by amazingly
friendly people who really had no reason to help me so much. Most of what has happened hasn’t even involved me in the planning process which has certainly been an experience in itself.

Firstly there is that minor point that I somehow ended up in Greenland. Not quite sure how that happened but I will be honest and say a confident and pretty smile was possibly involved, as was an not insignificant amount of money and one and a galf business hours between descision and a flight. As part of this I ended up landing in Greenland with my stuff packed into a borrowed hiking pack and the name of a town written on a piece of paper and instructions to negotiate with the locals at the wharf.

What transpired was one of the most beautiful hikes of my life.








After all this excitement I some how ended up in central iceland (again coordinated by lovely strangers) for another spectacular hiking adventure.

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