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Movember Matters!

Hi All,

I’m not usual one for fundraising, or asking people to support charities or any such thing. I like to make donations that I can myself, and I don’t really like to harp on about causes but I am about to contradict that ethos by informing you I have signed up for Movember.

During November I will be cultivating the embarrassingly sparse patch of hair that assembles itself ludicrously slowly between the latitudes of my nostrils and my upper lip. Apparently by doing so I am encouraging people to thing about some very important men’s health and well-being issues, which is important. I can’t help but think of the last time I decided to shave my beard and leave a moustache, a period of time when women with children crossed the road and people made comments like “who is that barefoot hippy with a seedy seedy mo” so if you can donate that would make my appearance feel less anti-social.

Anyway I shall stop rambling at this point and say that there are a number of awesome cause out there to support. If you want to support my Movember campaign (entitled “Mos in Movember Only!”) click here.

Otherwise I would encourage you to consider these other worthy causes that unfortunately seem eminently relevant to friends and family at the moment.

Parkinsons Research

The Cancer Council

The Royal Flying Doctor Association

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  1. I wasn’t the kind of person who felt comfortable with the whole fundraising thing either but for various reasons ended up taking the plunge on a cancer charity ride. I just published a post about my experience today actually! I did feel weird asking people for help but I was also surprised and overwhelmed by the support offered. I had no idea how many people had been touched by cancer until I did the ride. Our son’s experience also motivated me. Unfortunately a mining company is now a major sponsor of the ride so I am in two minds about promoting the event now… Anyway, good on you and happy mo growing! 🙂

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