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Palm Valley

Yesterday I had a mid-week adventure to rival all others. Central Australia has received vast amounts of rain recently (20-60mm) and as a result all of the gorges have been filling up, and as anyone who has been following the blog would know I have been making the most of it!

Yesterday’s mid week adventure was to Palm Valley, an isolated valley full of cycads and palm trees an hour and a half from Alice Springs. Normally dry, our experience of the valley required wading through water holes and rock hoping around others. The creeks are full of tadpoles, frogs and fish. The air was full of cicadas and dragonflies, and generally it was a pretty amazing day.

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  1. Stunning country. Amazing how quickly everything comes back after the rain. CC

    • It has been green all year but it is just getting more verdant as thr year goes on. Apparently this is what the country probably looked like when Burke and Wills came through on their first crossing. It is so easy to see why early settlers didn’t understand the country.

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