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Hello readers!

This is a slightly unusual post in that I haven’t actually done anything but am putting a call out for opinions and ideas.

I have some time up my sleeve you see and want to fill that time with fun and adventures and silliness ( to the extent that I may give up the use of commas).

I have my two touring bikes, one set and ready to go, the other needing a few pieces of kit that are on order but ostensibly ready as well. This means I could just as easily go cycle touring or bike packing.

I am considering south west WA on the road tourer with no end goal other than to ride east as my first option. Alternatively I’d take my off road tourer to the east coast or Tasmania.

Does anyone in the ether have awesome suggestions of rides that would are great and that I should do?

Cheers team!

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  1. No suggestions personally, but I’m looking forward to reading about whatever you choose. Sounds great!

  2. I did a tour of Tassie on my own a couple of years back and really enjoyed it. I did find it really challenging sofar as hills go. Caught the ferry across from Melbourne to Devonport then cycled anticlockwise mostly staying in whatever accommodation was available. I camped through the Tarkine which was wild and woolly — I’m sure I was tracked by a Thylacine. Took lots of days off in places that took my fancy, did boat and train trips, ate oysters, went on a giant slippery slide into a forest sink. Ran out of time in Hobart, so missed the east coast which everyone reckons is fabulous…next time!
    There are some wonderful backroads (get the ordinance maps) out the back of Margaret River through to Denmark. You could spend months exploring. It’s fun to meander about in the area between Busselton and Augusta on backroads and forest paths, calling in for fab lunches at some of the wineries along the way.
    The other one is to head north from Albany on the Munda Biddi track — just to see how far you can get in the time available.

    • Hi Jane!
      Thanks for that awesome response. I’d actually started thinking about Tassie as an option, possibly with a small pack I could do overnight walks with!
      That said I’ve done three trips to tassie now and have never spent time in southern WA so now might be the best opportunity for that.
      Hope you have some riding plans of your own!

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