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Guest Post – Shark Encounter

A good mate of mine in the US recently went on a diving trip and ended up having an unexpected encounter with a rather large shark. He was nice enough to let me publish the email he sent me with some close and personal photos.

If you want, check out the video of his encounter…


On Sunday I took a dive charter out to the Channel Islands for some lobster diving. The diving was great and the reefs were amazingly colorful.

 On the way back to the harbor we encountered a whale carcass floating in the channel. We went over to investigate to discover that we were in the company of a full grown Great White shark. He was ginormous!

 I took some video of him devouring the whale and snapped a few impressive pics of him swimming right next to our boat.

 It was an awesome and extremely rare moment.

 P.S. I managed to bring home some dinner for Casie too!

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