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Planning the Border Loop (QLD/NSW)

So now that things have settled down a bit and I am getting accustomed to Queensland it seems like a good time to go back to NSW. Lonely Planet’s book Cycling Australia describes a 5 day trip around the border region of QLD and NSW that I think I am going to try to do in the coming weeks.

It is described as a demanding 5 day, 330km loop starting at Robina and returning to Nerang as passing through exciting towns like Murwillumbah, Nimbin, Rathdowney and if I am feeling fit enough Lamington National Park (though that may be a day by itself).

It will be my first proper tour by myself so I will obviously have to pack and plan accordingly. I am also beginning to realise that it is hot and humid in QLD so I am going to have to work on making sure I have the right gear, that my tent is re-waterproofed after Tasmania, and that I carry enough water. The last point will be the most critical!

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  1. QLD? Hot and humid? Never… Sounds like a good loop though, on what should be relatively quiet roads. I agree that you might have to get creative with water management, how did you carry water around Tas?

    • In Tassie we carried water bottles and Clare carried a 3L water bladder. I also had a 10L bladder for the few days that we needed that much water.
      At some point I will write a post about the gear we had I think. If I remember…

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