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Well it is 2015 now. It only seems like a month or two ago I spent NYE 13-14 in a cavers hut in NZ after a day of blackwater rafting. A memory-blurred few weeks ago seems to take me back to camping out in the Namadgee national park near Canberra following one of the hardest rides I have ever done over the NYE 12-13. So with a little reflection on board here are a few favourite photos from my year. image


image image image






image Thanks everyone for dropping in again and I hope we can share some adventures over the coming year! Oh yeah, and here are some photos from today! image image

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4 replies

  1. Wow… you really did take your bike in the snow. Nice one!

  2. Keep posting your photos of your adventures. You have a good eye for a good photo. I like reading your posts keep them rolling.

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