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Mt Kuring-gai to Berowra – a different way.

On Sunday I went for a walk. Walking is pretty cool, sometimes it even seems like it is what we are supposed to do. Sitting at a desk looking at a screen sometimes feels like the opposite.

Anyway, after a morning riding out to La Perouse where it appears there are some very cool markets everyone should check out I rushed madly to make it to Central Station in time for the train. Mt Kuring-gai is a long way away (sorry school friends) so when I got to the station and my train wasn’t on the intercity schedule I started to panic. Turns out it is actually on the suburban network and much closer than I thought.

The walk itself is great. I’d never walked down to the area of Appletree Bay this walk takes in, and it was spectacular with the rain and drizzle falling almost constantly.

We saw stingrays, crabs, some birds and fungii and plenty of boats adding to the serenity.







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  1. Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park is such a fantastic place. So many places to explore. I remember walking there past Aboriginal rock carvings down to a small bay. Thanks for the photos. CC

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