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Snake bite poetry

Poem authored by Louise, Sir Calaeb and myself.

Important note. No human was in anyway harmed in the creation of this tale. Mum do not panic, it turns out I was just being paranoid!

There once was a little brown snake
Who thought that he would undertake,
To rest beside a garden stake.

No shoes was Paddy’s first mistake:
Had he gone to bake a cake
Instead of to the garden make
Prettier, than a fake lake,
He’d still be able to wake
In a swag of his own make.

The little snake thought “oh for goodness sake,
This dibgbats made me take a break
From hunting for my possum steak:
So I’ll make a break
And nip him, during my escape,
So he can his weekend take
In hospital, and put a brake
On his plans to bloviate
With his friends until quite late.

This did Paddy infuriate,
The fact that he had to wait
but at least lunch was on the state
And his mate went to wide open space.

Paddy we did berate,
But on the ward we made a mate,
Sir Caleab, of the Gap Estate,
And as a trio did create
A poem that was truly great.

The authors again wish to emphasise that any interaction between Paddy and a brown snake today was purely platonic and no bodily fluids were exchanged.

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