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Fortnight of Firsts

The last fortnight has been a busy busy time as I try to settle into my new city and work out just how much I can fit into life. If the past two weeks are any indication the simple answer is lots because I just keep finding more and more things to do. To illustrate just how much there is to do in Alice Springs I thought I would list (with photos if possible) some of the many exciting new things I have been doing.

1) Samba Drumming

One of my colleagues run Alice’s only South American drumming classes and teaches with a vigour that has to be seen to be believed. It is something I am not sure I will get into but it was definitely worth trying once.

2) Bridge

Maybe I am getting old, maybe I am just uncool, but for the past two weeks I have been going to the Alice Springs Over 50’s Club for lessons in the fine art of Bridge. Yes I have been sitting around a table with lovely people 40-50 years my senior and learning how to play cards. The worst thing is that I have been really enjoying it because it is mentally challenging to keep track of what everyone is doing and it is just silly and fun.

3) Four Wheel Driving

This week I went of a four wheel driving course through work where I learnt how to drive a manual care properly, how to bring a troopy to a stop very quickly and how to drive on some pretty fun terrain. I think I will still stick to riding my bikes where ever I can, but I like the idea of being about to drive to the start of rides in more remote places. Also it will help with work.

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4) Canoe Polo

I live in a desert. The average rainfall is less than a third of the average evaporation. So in a place this dry what is the most logical, predictable sport you could ever possibly play.

Yep, that is right. I’ve started playing canoe polo twice a week in the Alice Springs pool.

For anyone who has never seen in played, canoe polo basically involves a who lot of people in a pool paddling around, running each other and capsizing. Occasionally people touch the ball, and take shots but really that isn’t a main part of the sport.

Anyway, life in Alice Springs is good and busy and such. I promise I will try to get more photos over time.

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