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Ormiston Gorge Day Out

All photos courtesy of the lovely Josie.

Snake bite poetry

Poem authored by Louise, Sir Calaeb and myself. Important note. No human was in anyway harmed in the creation of this tale. Mum do not panic, it turns out I was just being paranoid! There once was a little brown snake Who thought that he would undertake, To rest beside a garden stake. No shoes was Paddy’s first mistake:

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Drunken Devonshire Pasties

So awesome. Three types of stout went into these! So we did make these up as we went along, but roughly the process was… Slow cook 6 lamb shanks in a mix of Amber Ale and Stout for 4 hours. We used 1x Squires Amber Ale and 1/3 of a Kilkenny at this stage. We recommend testing the mix of beers prior to adding to the shanks. Make a sour-cream […]

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Mad Dogs and Territorians – in Ormiston Gorge

We all know the old parable that Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, but did you know that Englishmen have nothing on Territorians. They, or increasingly we, are a race of utterly mad men and women who head out on bushwalks whenever the forecast seems suitable and cool. Yesterday we proved that we have all adjusted to insanity by heading out on a leisurely morning ¬†“stroll” […]

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Rain Glorious Rain!

So it has been raining on an off for two days now. Two days! In other parts of the world people might bemoan the inclement weather, lack of sunshine and temperate conditions associated with rain, but here it is simply amazing. So much so that there is no choice but to go outside and enjoy it while it lasts!

IMAG0836 IMAG0838


Mt Gillen in the morning

So, after 6 months in Alice Springs I’ve finally undertaken one of the many initiation rituals associated with moving to town. Climbing Mount Gillen. Now Mt Gillen isn’t a mountain, more of a high point on the range that surrounds Alice Springs. The MacDonnell ranges run east and west from town in a great curving arc. From the top you get a great view in all directions, and can also […]

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Desert Rains

When it rains up here everything changes. The colour of the rocks richer as the dust is washed away, the vegetation sprouts so that sorry looking shrubs suddenly become healthy drab green trees, and the light quality changes so much that you suddenly notice whole mountain ranges you’ve never realised were there before. Last night I decided to go out and enjoy the light misting rain that seems to have […]

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Alice Springs Eclipse Photos

Just a few days ago my home town of Alice Springs was graced with a visit by the Sun and Moon at exactly the same time. Unfortunately, like all¬†siblings, they couldn’t agree who was more important. After days of arguments the Moon got one up on the Sun and blocked out its light early on Wednesday morning. I’d heard that the fight as coming to a head, so a spontaneous […]

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