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Ormiston Gorge Day Out

All photos courtesy of the lovely Josie.

Rain Glorious Rain!

So it has been raining on an off for two days now. Two days! In other parts of the world people might bemoan the inclement weather, lack of sunshine and temperate conditions associated with rain, but here it is simply amazing. So much so that there is no choice but to go outside and enjoy it while it lasts!

IMAG0836 IMAG0838


Gantheaume Point Rock Platform

Just near Broome is Gantheaume Point which is home to one of my favourite rock platforms around Australia. As it is a month or so since I was there I thought I would just put up a gallery of my favourite shots.

Simpsons Gap Evening with Gregor and Mikey

Simpsons Gap from a distance.

Gregor walking down the river bed under the branches of a river red gum.

A Black Footed Wallaby through the trees at Simpsons Gap.

This wallaby decided to give us an example of how it climbs.

The Pinnacle at Simpsons Gap.

Mikey my fellow photographer.

The waterhole at Simpsons Gap still has water in it 8 months after the last decent rain.

The colour of the pinnacle at Simpsons Gap is amazing as the sunsets. It is impossible to do the view justice.

The view of the West MacDonnell Ranges through the trees.

What is there to say?

Chilling at Simpson Gap car park having a drink before dinner.