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Alice Springs Bicycle Film Festival

Last night was the Alice Springs Bicycle Film Festival, which was held as part of the Alice Springs Ecofair. The outdoors festival was one of the most relaxed film festivals I’ve been too and deserves recognition for how good a show they put on. Held in the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens the films were projected on a giant inflatable screen, while views sat on chairs around fire drums and and […]

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Brisbane to Alice Springs

As many of you know I recently decided to move to Alice Springs in central Australia. I’ll be starting a new job next week, but for the moment I’m still enjoying free time. To get to Alice is a fair trek and over the past week Clare and I drove more than 3,600km and used something like 380 litres of fuel. The route is pretty varied with some long 600+ […]

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Stradbroke Island Cycling

On Sunday we braved the early morning cold and got up at 6am for an adventure out to North Stradbroke Island, the largest of the many islands which form the barrier between Moreton Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The crisp morning air demanded jumpers to be worn with our shorts so it was hard to raise the motivation to throw our bikes in the car, rummage through the cupboards for […]

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Enoggera Dam

Enoggera Dam sits 10km west of the Brisbane CBD and is just near the entrance of D’Aguilar National Park. The dam was constructed a long time ago (relatively) so the lake has had time to develop into an ecosystem and plant and bird life are abundant.

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New Adventures Coming

So, if any of you have been following my activities recently you may have noticed that nothing really big has happened for a while. This has been largely a result of job hunting and a lack of motivation, but this is getting ready to change. Next week we will be beginning a drive out to Alice Springs where I will begin a new job and an exciting new life of […]

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Thomas the Dutch Man’s Chain

When I rode out of Brisbane with Thomas there was little on my mind other than how noisy his chain was. Discussions worked out that he has been riding with the same chain on his rholoff hub for something like 17,000km from Melbourne, around Tasmania up to Sydney, around both islands of New Zealand then all the way from Sydney to Brisbane. After that day his chain still lasted him […]

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