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Pain, Pleasure and Purpose

Having failed to set out on my planned 8 cycle tour through the Victorian Alps last week I ispent three days over New Years in the Namadgi National Park, which is just south of Canberra. The three day ride presented some of the hardest riding I’ve ever done, so people out there, perhaps don’t follow my lead on this ride. Day 1: Pain 65km – 40km of dirt – so […]

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Desert Rains

When it rains up here everything changes. The colour of the rocks richer as the dust is washed away, the vegetation sprouts so that sorry looking shrubs suddenly become healthy drab green trees, and the light quality changes so much that you suddenly notice whole mountain ranges you’ve never realised were there before. Last night I decided to go out and enjoy the light misting rain that seems to have […]

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Alice Springs Eclipse Photos

Just a few days ago my home town of Alice Springs was graced with a visit by the Sun and Moon at exactly the same time. Unfortunately, like all¬†siblings, they couldn’t agree who was more important. After days of arguments the Moon got one up on the Sun and blocked out its light early on Wednesday morning. I’d heard that the fight as coming to a head, so a spontaneous […]

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Gantheaume Point Rock Platform

Just near Broome is Gantheaume Point which is home to one of my favourite rock platforms around Australia. As it is a month or so since I was there I thought I would just put up a gallery of my favourite shots.

Kimberley Creeks and Orchids

Today’s selection of photos from Western Australia include some excellent (if I do say so myself) images from the Violet Valley area of the east Kimberley region. The area includes significant ranges of mountains and abounds with water, deepish valleys and beautiful spinifex and grass covered expanses which are impossible not to love.

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Kimberleys Day One

Last week I spent the week in the Kimberleys for work. For those of you who don’t know the Kimberleys are the far north western corner of Australia right up where the crocodiles are. I didn’t see any salt water crocs, but I have seen a few freshwater crocodiles this week. Unfortunately photos are hard to get out of a car travelling at 110km/h so the I don’t have proof. […]

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