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Guest Cooking Posts

Hi Guys! As many of you know I like to cook, almost as much as I like to eat in fact! A good friend (with whom I have shared many cups of delicious tea) has started up a cooking blog called Caitlicious Cooking. So in the theme of sharing I am going to be adding some of my favourite recipes to the site. I will be adding lots of dairy […]

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Mad Dogs and Territorians – in Ormiston Gorge

We all know the old parable that Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, but did you know that Englishmen have nothing on Territorians. They, or increasingly we, are a race of utterly mad men and women who head out on bushwalks whenever the forecast seems suitable and cool. Yesterday we proved that we have all adjusted to insanity by heading out on a leisurely morning ¬†“stroll” […]

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Alice Springs Eclipse Photos

Just a few days ago my home town of Alice Springs was graced with a visit by the Sun and Moon at exactly the same time. Unfortunately, like all¬†siblings, they couldn’t agree who was more important. After days of arguments the Moon got one up on the Sun and blocked out its light early on Wednesday morning. I’d heard that the fight as coming to a head, so a spontaneous […]

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Taking advice from a Muppet

Late last night I was lying in my room trying to go to sleep when the theme song of Fraggle Rock suddenly entered my mind. Now I don’t know if you remember Fraggle Rock, but it is probably my favourite of all the Muppet television series. I am not sure if this is because of the catchy theme song and the message of enjoying life; the engineering marvels creates by […]

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Fortnight of Firsts

The last fortnight has been a busy busy time as I try to settle into my new city and work out just how much I can fit into life. If the past two weeks are any indication the simple answer is lots because I just keep finding more and more things to do. To illustrate just how much there is to do in Alice Springs I thought I would list […]

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Thomas the Dutch Man’s Chain

When I rode out of Brisbane with Thomas there was little on my mind other than how noisy his chain was. Discussions worked out that he has been riding with the same chain on his rholoff hub for something like 17,000km from Melbourne, around Tasmania up to Sydney, around both islands of New Zealand then all the way from Sydney to Brisbane. After that day his chain still lasted him […]

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