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Ormiston Gorge + water = fun!

This long weekend we headed out to Ormiston Gorge (1.5 west of Alice) for a nice little summer camping trip. When we left it was a chilly 37 degrees so I was expecting a weekend of unpleasantly hot weather.  As it turned out the cloud came out, the water level was seriously high and everything was awesome aside from some vicious and evil mosquitos. The past year or so the […]

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New Zealand North Island

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our photo collection from the North Island of New Zealand. Over the two and a half weeks we were in NZ we took about 1700 photos so you’ll only be getting a snap shot of the trip, but I’ve picked out some of the good ones for a little selection of highlights. There are so many more, some of them even good, but here are some […]

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One of the commonly asked about is what gear I use and what I carry  on a cycle tour. On this page I aim to cover the basics of what we carry with a few little rants about things I think are important. Bikes I like bikes, and I like to have the right one so I have Surlys. Surly makes big heavy steel framed bikes, and then they fit them with […]

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