Guest Cooking Posts

Hi Guys!

As many of you know I like to cook, almost as much as I like to eat in fact! A good friend (with whom I have shared many cups of delicious tea) has started up a cooking blog called Caitlicious Cooking.

So in the theme of sharing I am going to be adding some of my favourite recipes to the site. I will be adding lots of dairy free recipes that I have worked out over time, as well as recipes that are just awesome.


Drunken Devonshire Pasties

So awesome. Three types of stout went into these!

The most delicious pasties around.

The most delicious pasties around.

So we did make these up as we went along, but roughly the process was…

  1. Slow cook 6 lamb shanks in a mix of Amber Ale and Stout for 4 hours. We used 1x Squires Amber Ale and 1/3 of a Kilkenny at this stage. We recommend testing the mix of beers prior to adding to the shanks.
  2. Make a sour-cream based semi-short pastry, about 3-4 cups of flour worth.
  3. Remove lamb meat from shank. Add remaining Kilkenny, 6 potatoes, and 1 bottle of dark stout (Paddy’stout from Ireland). Transfer mixture to a pressure cooked for 30 minutes.
  4. Eat remaining meat off the lamb shanks in a way reminiscent of Neanderthals.
  5. Cut pastry into four lots, roll each one out and layer as per puff pastry using olive oil and spices to layers. Return to fridge.
  6. Steam carrots, swede, fennel, turnip until cooked. Transfer to a bowl and then season and butter to taste.
  7. Shred pressure cooked lamb and potatoes muscle strands are broken down.
  8. Eat remaining meat of any remaining lamb shanks. Test all products thoroughly.
  9. Assemble pasties.
  10. Bake at 180C until delicious.