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Next adventure: UK here we come

So Rose and I are off in a week’s time on our honeymoon (yep we got married). We are heading to the UK and then some time in America. Not quite sure what our plans will involve yet but I am definitely keen to do the Cape Wrath trail from Fort William, as well as have some adventures elsewhere in the UK. If you have any suggestions of what we […]

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Cotter Micro-Adventure

On Friday night I rode out to the Cotter for a night in my bivvy bag, and then rode back through to Canberra the long way. It was an excellent little micro-adventure and well worth the crazy rush trying pack up on Thursday night. Can’t think of anything else to say really, so enjoy a photo or ten.

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Mt Aspiring Hut Walk

After my walk along the Greenstone-Caples Track I met up with my friend Tol from SmilingLeaf for some more adventures. We headed up to Wanaka and then after some messing around for food (again) set out towards Mt Aspiring Hut. Now this was only a short walk of a few hours each way, with huts and such so we took it easy, carried some wine and dips and crackers etc. Really […]

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Planning a new style of Adventure

SO… I have bushwalked, cycle toured, canyoned, canoe toured, lived out of a 4WD and a whole lot of other things but this January I have committed myself to a new style of adventure. It isn’t new technique-wise but this adventure means gear weight and equipment generally will be more of a consideration than my previous trips. What am I do? I am going to walk a section of the […]

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Rams Head Snowshoe Trip

On Saturday Tol (of SmilingLeaf fame) and I headed into the Snow for an end of season adventure. Her amazing write up of our adventure – with awesome photos of yours truly can be found below! ### Reunited with my outdoors buddy the Graceful Cyclist, after too many months apart, we headed to the Snowys. My plan for months had been to do an overnight snowshoe trip. However, the forecast […]

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Middle Rhine

So here is a first installment of the middle Rhine. Everything I bitched about for the Lower Rhine forget and go to the middle. The castles are so plentiful I have a sore neck from constantky looking around, I have stopped so many times to look in awe at where they built the things. On top of that there are the churches, natural landscape and humourously translated descriptions of why […]

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One of the commonly asked about is what gear I use and what I carry  on a cycle tour. On this page I aim to cover the basics of what we carry with a few little rants about things I think are important. Bikes I like bikes, and I like to have the right one so I have Surlys. Surly makes big heavy steel framed bikes, and then they fit them with […]

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