Tasmanian National Parks

So, cleaning out my room before I move to Brissie I came across our National Park Passport from the tassie trip. I am fairly certain the the passport is designed for kids but we got into collecting stamps in a fairly serious way. We knew we were never going to get every stamp, but I would say we did a fairly good job!

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We made it to:

  • Mt Field
  • Freycinet
  • Tasman
  • Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers
  • Mole Creek Karst
  • Cradle Mountain
  • Lake St Clair

Frailty of Cyclist

Yesterday I had an absurd experience which reminded me just how frail a cyclist is, and that we are at the peril of drivers more often then we think. I wasn’t hurt, nor was my bike, but the situation was more then enough to shake me.

Normally when I think about accidents involving bikes it will include merging traffic, cars screaming through intersections or just not staying on their own lane. Yesterday I had the new experience of a car rolling into me from behind after we’d both been well and truly stopped at an intersection.
After rolling forward a little to get a clear view the car behind me started rolling and basically forgot to stop. The first thing I felt was pressure on my back wheel, the like a ship the bike just tilted to the ground underneath me. By the time I’d turned and shouted a profanity the half the back wheel and my pannier were becoming stuck under the bonnet of the car.

A very strange experience, with no injuries so no harm done I guess.

Still a word of advice to all my fellow cyclists, people really are dumb and accidents can occur in the least expected locations.

Slow Travel

Holidays are about relaxing, experiencing and understanding a new destination. Holidays are about spending time by the beach or along side a river somewhere with family, friends or the annoying people in the campsite next door.

With this in mind the trend towards fly in holidays is a curious one which I can’t help but feel looses some of the magic. So often I hear friends getting back from a “break” saying they are tired and ready for another holiday.

Recently my girlfriend and I cycled around Tasmania, which took a month and saw us travelling a whole 70kms between towns each day. To many people this may seem like taking a slow-travel to an extreme, but when grey nomads who have been on the road for 12 1/2 years are sad they can’t see things are slowly and thoroughly as us you have to think there is a problem.

Now I am the first to admit that a quick trip down to Melbourne for the weekend is a pleasant thing, especially when it is to see friends. But going to a city, seeing the three or four major attractions and then sitting in an airport surely isn’t an effective or sustainable way to travel. Each year Australians make hundreds of thousands of air trips for the sole purpose of a holiday. Some who don’t have to have a holiday may even go on a “mini-break” to escape the stress of work by sitting in an airport, aeroplanes and taxis. Oh the joy.

Surely a weekend at the beach, or in the Blue Mountains with a leisurely stroll down a bush track, some suitable accommodation and good coffee is more relaxing. Especially if there is good food with the coffee.

With dozens of campsites, B&Bs an cabins around every city in Australia perhaps it is time people thought more about the opportunities for a weekend away close to home rather than contributing to the ultimately unsustainable mode of transport/recreation that is air travel based mini-breaks.

Planning More Rides

Recently I was sitting around trying to work out how to keep my self occupied and came across a website claiming to have a list of the World’s top 50 riding experiences. I read it and immediately thought that it wasn’t the best rides in the world,  quite simply because any list that doesn’t involve cycling around Tasmania is severely floored. However, the more that I read it, the more that I realised that this list was a great cross section of rides from different disciplines and parts of the world.

So I have set myself a goal of completing as many of these rides as possible.

The list of rides can be summarised as follows, I will keep the site up to date with plans and completed rides.

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