27hrs without technology, and cycling a lot of hills.

I’m not normally one to go anywhere without gathering photographic evidence and a whole lot of gadgets to keep me entertained, but this weekend I decided I needed a bit of a detox as it were and decided to head out for a bit of a cycle to try and prove my legs still worked and to return myself to a slightly more normal state.  Now for the very astute among you an observation could be made that it is only half way through a long weekend in Australia, but as my story will fail to justify I’m back on my way home. Continue reading

A rainy Sunday walk

Sometimes a rainy day walks turns out to be awesome.  I have to admit that last Sunday I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I did and caught my ferry across to Taronga before walking very slowly around to Balmoral.

Twas pretty sweet seeing scrub turkeys and water dragons within view of the Sydney CBD.

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Playing it Safe

Having a large group of outdoorsy friends is an interesting lifestyle. With friends outside my outdoorsy life decisions on when events should go ahead are pretty arbitrary – things like was it a stressful week and do I feel like talking to “X” today. In my outdoorsy friend group the discussions and decision are generally based on much more prosaic things – do I think it will be safe, do I have access the right gear or what party size am I comfortable with?

This is I feel is a great compliment to my friends as these are all phenomenally important questions.

All the time I read about people who do things that I would consider crazy. When ever I think about people who are under prepared I think of the french guy we met once in Scotsdale (Tasmania) who had arrived in the country, made a trip to target and bought a bicycle and camping gear and set off to ride around Tassie. Now in hindsight I admire him in many ways for having the guts to arrive in another country and just run with it, but at the time the only thing I could possibly think of was that the chap was going to die. I mean really, he had a 65litre backpack full of gear he so clearly didn’t know how to use that it took him over an hour to set up a really basic dome tent.

As my thoughts move on to people more prepared but still crazy my thoughts move to a slightly over-confident man I met in Papunya who was planning on riding to Port Headland in Western Australia via the back tracks, and believe me I mean back tracks! I never heard anything more about the guy on the news, which I can only take to mean he survived (or was never missed) but he had 25 litres of water on the bike so there was a chance he’d make it.

So as this weekend came around and the weather forecast turned from damp to thundery, and the BOM flood watch site showed there being 40mm of rain in an hour during one of the storm session near were we had planned canyoning my thoughts turned to safety and whether I felt like risking flash-flooding. You might be able to guess that the answer was no so I spent today reading a book instead.

That said I know a fair few canyoners who did head out today despite to forecast, and until 6pm there really wasn’t much rain so I am sure they all made it out safely, so what is the difference in thought processes between us? I am sure my mum approves of my playing it safe, and I am sure playing it safe is why I and all my friends are still here to write blogs and consider such adventures but it is interesting to consider the risks and what it is that clicks in the back of our brains somewhere to say “hmmm, perhaps wait for another day”.

Anyway, no really point to this rant except to let my mum know I am being sensible(-ish) and maybe give you a clue why there aren’t any pretty pictures today!

2015 – It’s off to a good start

So 2015 is here. No matter that when ever I read it in my head I say 2005, no matter that today is 5/1/15 and I got a little bit excited, the important thing is that this is a new year were new things can happen and probably will. As anyone who has been following the blog would have read last year was a jam packed year with adventures to NZ, a big move back to Sydney and a whole lot of non-cycling related adventures. I don’t really have many goals for 2015 just yet but I have a strong suspicion that a decently big cycle tour might be squeezed in there somewhere. If anyone has polite suggestions of where I should go please feel free to contribute, however for now I think the leading contender is the back roads of Iceland.

Anyway, with a new year comes other new things. The first is a little bit of digital wizardry called a VIRB, which is a nifty little sports cam I have purchased and will be playing with over the coming year. To match this new technology I am going to be trying out a few little upgrades to the blog to make it keep up with the times. So here is my first attempt at a time lapse video as recorded on my new VIRB. I apologise in advance because, well, lets just say it is a little rough around the edges!

You can also have some photos from my Christmas holiday because the 5,300 of you who looked at my blog last year have been so good that you deserve more!


Year in review. ..

Well it is 2015 now. It only seems like a month or two ago I spent NYE 13-14 in a cavers hut in NZ after a day of blackwater rafting. A memory-blurred few weeks ago seems to take me back to camping out in the Namadgee national park near Canberra following one of the hardest rides I have ever done over the NYE 12-13. So with a little reflection on board here are a few favourite photos from my year. image


image image image






image Thanks everyone for dropping in again and I hope we can share some adventures over the coming year! Oh yeah, and here are some photos from today! image image