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Photos from a Long Way From…

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been a long way from anywhere a few times in the last month or so. To get to this particular Long Way From took quite a few hours and a the permission of a number of station owners, so I wouldn’t suggest getting excited about going to a Long Way From. Anyway the drive was exciting! There were lots of gates through […]

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Guest Post – Shark Encounter

A good mate of mine in the US recently went on a diving trip and ended up having an unexpected encounter with a rather large shark. He was nice enough to let me publish the email he sent me with some close and personal photos. If you want, check out the video of his encounter… ##### On Sunday I took a dive charter out to the Channel Islands for some […]

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Staircase to the Moon – Broome

One of Broome’s many amazing natural features and experiences is the Staircase to the Moon, where the full moon raises over the mudflats of Roebuck Bay at low tide. I was lucky enough to be in town for one of the lowest tides, with a rather large moon and can I just say, these photos just don’t do it justice. This spectacle is amazing. It is spectacular. See it!

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