Windjana Gorge – The Kimberley

Working hard again. Honestly the road was closed due to bushfires so we just had to stop for a break before turning around and driving 200km back the way we’d come! Oh and I rode a camel this week as well…

Broome Festival – Shinju Matsuri

So I am in Broome at the moment. Technically it is a work trip, but due to semi-predictable circumstances I haven’t been able to head out bush in the past week. As a consequence, I’ve been making the most of my time here buy going to some of the events that form part of the Broome Shinju Matsuri Festival which opened last night with a whole lot of speeches and a performance by Sammy the Dragon!

Being in Broome I’ve also done a few other essential things, like going to the beach, so life is tough.

Here are some snap shots of my “work trip” so far.

Oh and here are some photos of the beach…




Redbank Gorge and Mt Sonder

Over the weekend some friends and I went camping at Redbank Gorge and climbed Mt Sonder. It was an awesome weekend with lots of swimming, but 35 degrees on the last day of winter is a bit rude really. Anyway, I survived, I didn’t reach the top of Sonder because I couldn’t handle the heat, but I had a great weekend.

Enjoy my happy snaps!