New Toys: Bike Bag Dude Frame and Chaff Bags

Two days ago I received a parcel from the east coast with exciting new toys. For a few years I have been trying to work out how to carry more and more water as I wander further from the beaten track. Actually living in the desert, I am more concerned about being precisely on the track, but not having access to water for hundreds of kilometres.

Anyway, the parcel contained a Bike Bag Dude Frame Bag, and BBD Chaff Bags. In my excitement I have fitted them onto the LHT and aim to get out and test them in the coming weeks. These bags are made of a special light weight material, so I will be trying to use and abuse the bags as a “product test”. I will be giving info back to BBD and will keep the world posted about the bags exciting exploits.

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Update: Three Days of Commuting

So after three days of commuting with my fun new bags I have made some discoveries and fallen in love.

  • Discovery One: Frame bags are not designed to be packed out to their capacity. I made the mistake of throwing a 2L water bottle straight into the bottom of the frame bag, and not using the internal divider. By the time I reached work the bag had wobbled around so it was rubbing against the front cassette, which as you can imagine is not good for anything.
  • Discovery Two: Chaff Bags are bloody amazing. I mean seriously. They are great! I like to ride sitting you and without hands on the way to work, because it is currently about 5 degrees during my morning commute and having chaff bags on the handle bar with a water bottle, and to hold wallets and keys etc while commuting is so incredibly convenient! I’m not afraid to say it. I am in love with an inanimate object!
  • Discovery Three: Panniers are more flexible than I ever realised. I tried to take the frame bag shopping and you know what? It is hard to fit a celery plant and several cartons of soy milk in there along with all the ingredients for a cheesecake. Thank be to the small gods for ocky straps!

All said I am pretty impressed with the frame bag still. It looks great, is function for running around town (eg so you can stash your man bag somewhere rather than having it slung over your shoulder).

I think I will take it for a tour and see how it really copes though!

Frame Bags and Cool Gear

Frame Bags and Cool Gear

Today I won some cool gear from Kath & Kedan at Bike Bag Dude. Although I haven’t met them yet (hopefully I’ll get the pleasure on my next east coast adventure) they are doing some great stuff with bike-packing gear, and doing their bit to support functional, useful and cool cycling bags.

For those of you who don’t want to add racks or panniers to your bike, it might be worth considering a frame bag to carry those groceries.

Happy Snaps

I took a selection of photos while I was away on my last work trip. Not much to say, other than that I love my job.

Misty Alice Springs Morning

It rained yesterday, not just a little rain, but something like 25mm. This and the very cool weather resulted in a lovely misty morning which would have been more suitable to a southern town.
Anyway it was great so I went for a nice walk.