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Solar Eclipse

Recently there was another solar eclipse in Alice Springs. Unlike the last one, I didn’t know this one was happening and had the strange strange experience of sitting at the kitchen table wondering if I had lost my mind. Actually it wasn’t so much that I had lost my mind, but my memory as I was certain that clouds didn’t block out as much light as was occuring right then […]

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Ormiston Gorge Day Out

All photos courtesy of the lovely Josie.

Snake bite poetry

Poem authored by Louise, Sir Calaeb and myself. Important note. No human was in anyway harmed in the creation of this tale. Mum do not panic, it turns out I was just being paranoid! There once was a little brown snake Who thought that he would undertake, To rest beside a garden stake. No shoes was Paddy’s first mistake:

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Kangaroo Island Day 8 – The Last Day

The last day, and of course what felt like the longest! The day started pleasantly. The wind had dropped, patchy cloud meant it wasn’t hot, and all in all it was a lovely day to be riding a bicycle. After a social coffee with a fellow cycle tourist I made my way along the East-West Road to Cape Willoughby. The road itself is a lovely track through farm land, is […]

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