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The Day Cicadas Ruled the World

Early this morning a unfamiliar drone filled the air air Alice Springs. Residents left their homes and looked to the skies to see what contraption built by mad scientists at The Base was so influencing their morning routines. However an inspection of their surrounding found that it was the trees themselves that had taken on the role of alarm clock on this humid central Australian morning. Central Australia might be […]

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Alice Springs Eclipse Photos

Just a few days ago my home town of Alice Springs was graced with a visit by the Sun and Moon at exactly the same time. Unfortunately, like allĀ siblings, they couldn’t agree who was more important. After days of arguments the Moon got one up on the Sun and blocked out its light early on Wednesday morning. I’d heard that the fight as coming to a head, so a spontaneous […]

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Gantheaume Point Rock Platform

Just near Broome is Gantheaume Point which is home to one of my favourite rock platforms around Australia. As it is a month or so since I was there I thought I would just put up a gallery of my favourite shots.