The Day Cicadas Ruled the World

Early this morning a unfamiliar drone filled the air air Alice Springs. Residents left their homes and looked to the skies to see what contraption built by mad scientists at The Base was so influencing their morning routines. However an inspection of their surrounding found that it was the trees themselves that had taken on the role of alarm clock on this humid central Australian morning.

Central Australia might be a desert but it is full of life, in fact it is so packed with life that is pretty hard to leave home without seeing a bird of prey, bearded dragon, kangaroo, tawny frog mouth, nocturnal gecko or backpacker. Today’s natural phenomenon was the arrival of hundreds of thousands of cicadas across every part of town. Crawling out of the ground they ascended any vertical surface they encountered to hatch from the subterranean armour and and take to the skies. Filling the region with the incessant but not displeasing thrum of friction upon inscetoidal abdomens.


Every tree and building surface around my office was covered, and I mean covered, in cicadas and their shells.

Cicada Shells. Get your crispy skinned cicada shells. Buy them by the hundred!

okay, I have to admit. I have never seen anything quite so fascinating or disturbing as a cicada emerging from its shell.

It seriously looks weird right?

As they dry the colour of the cicada darkens.

The beautiful “W” on their backs in only visible once the cicada has dried out.






Bushwalking/Hiking Etiquette or How to make friends in the Bush (The Unofficial List!)

Bushwalking/Hiking Etiquette or How to make friends in the Bush (The Unofficial List!)

An awesome post about the rules and etiquette of hiking, and being out bush generally. Have a read and maybe check out the cool blog it is from.

Alice Springs Eclipse Photos

Just a few days ago my home town of Alice Springs was graced with a visit by the Sun and Moon at exactly the same time. Unfortunately, like all siblings, they couldn’t agree who was more important. After days of arguments the Moon got one up on the Sun and blocked out its light early on Wednesday morning.

I’d heard that the fight as coming to a head, so a spontaneous camping site was mustered and we went out east of Alice Springs looking for a hill on which to camp and watch the early morning fight. Below are some photos that  show the eclipse and our camp. Enjoy!

Gantheaume Point Rock Platform

Just near Broome is Gantheaume Point which is home to one of my favourite rock platforms around Australia. As it is a month or so since I was there I thought I would just put up a gallery of my favourite shots.