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Kimberley Creeks and Orchids

Today’s selection of photos from Western Australia include some excellent (if I do say so myself) images from the Violet Valley area of the east Kimberley region. The area includes significant ranges of mountains and abounds with water, deepish valleys and beautiful spinifex and grass covered expanses which are impossible not to love.

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Taking advice from a Muppet

Late last night I was lying in my room trying to go to sleep when the theme song of Fraggle Rock suddenly entered my mind. Now I don’t know if you remember Fraggle Rock, but it is probably my favourite of all the Muppet television series. I am not sure if this is because of the catchy theme song and the message of enjoying life; the engineering marvels creates by […]

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Kimberleys Day One

Last week I spent the week in the Kimberleys for work. For those of you who don’t know the Kimberleys are the far north western corner of Australia right up where the crocodiles are. I didn’t see any salt water crocs, but I have seen a few freshwater crocodiles this week. Unfortunately photos are hard to get out of a car travelling at 110km/h so the I don’t have proof. […]

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Simpsons Gap Evening with Gregor and Mikey

Simpsons Gap from a distance.

Gregor walking down the river bed under the branches of a river red gum.

A Black Footed Wallaby through the trees at Simpsons Gap.

This wallaby decided to give us an example of how it climbs.

The Pinnacle at Simpsons Gap.

Mikey my fellow photographer.

The waterhole at Simpsons Gap still has water in it 8 months after the last decent rain.

The colour of the pinnacle at Simpsons Gap is amazing as the sunsets. It is impossible to do the view justice.

The view of the West MacDonnell Ranges through the trees.

What is there to say?

Chilling at Simpson Gap car park having a drink before dinner.

Simpsons Gap Dinner

Tonight I decided it would be a good idea to ride out to Simpsons Gap after work and heat up dinner while watching the sunrise. I often have ideas like this but rarely follow through due to my annoying sense of something. Luckily the warm sunshine, mild breeze and beautiful sky convinced me that it would be worth the effort of packing up a stove and some leftover lasagna on […]

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