Another post without photos (and ANZAC Day)

So everyone keeps mentioning the fact that I don’t include enough photos in my posts, which I admit is true, but I am just not very good at remembering to get my phone out to take said photos. To make up for this failing I have worked out a better way of presenting the map of  our ANZAC day adventure yesterday. 

Given a mild lack of time, and my strong desire to see the bay we rode out to Moreton Bay on ANZAC Day morning at a moderately respectable time. We had obviously missed the dawn service traffic but we did manage to get on the road before the majority of people departed for the service in the city or the their favourite BBQ spot.

Our ride to the bay was another opportunity for me to see just how well Brisbane does cycleways. On the map below the only section that wasn’t on a dedicated cycleway, or a road with cycle routes marked was the very top right hand corner, and that was on quite back streets anyway.

Cycling Route ANZAC Day 2012

Following a successful trip (successful ride + successful coffee/brunch) we headed home on the train which was significantly quicker, before heading off to a BBQ of our own with a cheesecake strapped to the rack of my bike. But that is another story.

Incidental Cycle Touring

in·ci·den·tal/ˌinsiˈdentl/ Accompanying but not a major part of something: “incidental expenses”.

Yesterday we decided that we wanted to see the Glasshouse Mountains, which are located in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast. Getting there from Brisbane is amazingly easy, it simply requires catching a train from central Brisbane and you are there in about an hour. Plus you can use your goCard so you don’t even have to buy a ticket while running late for the train! So off we went with our bikes and explored the southern parts of the mountains for the day travelling a comfortable 29km in around 4hours. Continue reading

Planning the Border Loop (QLD/NSW)

So now that things have settled down a bit and I am getting accustomed to Queensland it seems like a good time to go back to NSW. Lonely Planet’s book Cycling Australia describes a 5 day trip around the border region of QLD and NSW that I think I am going to try to do in the coming weeks.

It is described as a demanding 5 day, 330km loop starting at Robina and returning to Nerang as passing through exciting towns like Murwillumbah, Nimbin, Rathdowney and if I am feeling fit enough Lamington National Park (though that may be a day by itself).

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Crash Hazard Ahead

I like this system, I think it may get adopted on future trips of our own!

“Remember to keep the road under you and the sky above you and everything will be fine” – Tim Sindle

It has been brought to our attention that Christian and I do not have a working definition of what exactly a ‘crash’ is. I swear he stacked it the other day, but he maintains he just ‘came off’. Pfft.

So we’ve had to clarify the meaning of ‘stacked’ and ‘came off’ to avoid any further disagreements. For the sake of competitiveness and entertainment we’ve also allocated point values for various mishandlings, to be tallied throughout the remainder of the trip.

‘Stacked it’ a.k.a. crashed: to qualify for a proper stack one’s torso must be on the ground. 3 points.

Come off’: a minor mishandling of the bicycle that results in coming to an abrupt halt, the bicycle not completely upright and at least one foot on the ground…

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Brisbane Adventures #2

So I’ve now been in Brissie for a week and having been thoroughly impressed by what I’ve seen so far I thought I would share some of my favourite discoveries.

1) Brisbane Cycle Ways – The Brissie cycle way network is simply just amazing. Of the 40 kilometres I rode  yesterday 30 would have been on cycleways and 1o on dedicated cycleways. I will take a picture when it isn’t raining but what amazes me most is how clearly marked bicycle and pedestrian areas are (green and blue respectively). The one thing Brissie doesn’t do is sign post how to get places, which is partly made up for by signs stating the easiest way through difficult intersections.


Brisbane Bicentennial Bikeway

2) Gap Creek Track association – Yesterday I went and spent the morning building mountain bike trails with the GCTA in mountains behind Mt Coo-tha. This little organisation is made up of dedicated mountain bikers which take one day a month to build and maintain a series of great looking trails. I am particular impressed by the way they work with the local council and community to build trails and features of use to general public. The best part is a skills area in the grass picnic area for people to teach their kids how to do log role overs etc.

Photo of me at the GCTA trail care day - April 2012

3) Making cookies – unrelated to cycling in any way is the fact that I made cookies for the first time on Friday. Pretty exciting really, they were white-chocolate and obviously dairy free.

Anyway that is a bit of a run down on progress. I really am going to start taking photos to make these posts more interesting! To prove the point here is a photo of the view from our deck the other afternoon!

Brissie Ride 1

Day four in Brissie and we went for our first ride today. We hadn’t planned all that much except that we had to be back by 10:30am and wanted to go across some bridges. Setting out early I was amazed to find that we were able to ride everywhere on bike paths, they seem to cover the vast majority of the city, including what I would call the outer suburbs.

The ride we chose was pretty nice and relaxed, we didn’t push it at all but we did discover that we are both slightly out of shape. One particular hill was seriously tough, next time I will take a camera and you’ll understand that we weren’t just being soft. Anyway after climbing this hill we “explored” a little, which ended up with us walking and carrying our bikes down the side of the big hill we had ridden up. The rest of the ride was great but uneventful.

The 37km ride went along bike paths the roughly match the map below.